Archive O’ Contents 2018




20% Lean 50% Fat 30% Unknown Novemer 9
A Friendly Smile and a Firm Handshake April 4
A Pair of Ragged Claws March 3
A Refined Palate June 18
A Touch of Bedevilment March 2
Adaptive Camouflage March 25
Added Incentive June 23
Agent Seeks Client January 31
Alien Life Form August 7
Alone with One’s Thoughts January 21 
American Gothic February 15
American Noir April 29
Around and About August 16
Auguring Iffy August 4
Bargain Booth May 24
Be a Mixer January 18
Beshrew Thee January 21
Best Man for the Job January 27
Be Thankful November 21
Billionaires Big and Small September 6
Born Jolly December 7
Boy Wonder Wanted June 2
Building on the Past February 24
Buzz Word June 15
Character Will Tell June 28
Check It Out April 9
Croatoan August 1
Cultural Shift February 28
Cutting a Figure February 6
Don’t Count Your Chickens october 16
Don’t Even october 8
Double Word Score october 13
Electric Bitters July 24
Every Dog Has His Day August 4
Every Pile of Kindling Meets Its Match october 9
Eyes on You March 18
Free World, Take One May 9
Fresh Lessons october 1
Funny Not Funny September 25
Ganging Agley March 28
Get It in Ink April 25
Getting in on the Corpse Flower Racket June 12
Going Through a Phase December 21
Grapple with It September 8
Have a Heart August 16
How May I Help You? April 18
How’s the Look January 26
If You Can’t Take the Sweet december 4
I’m Okay, You’re Okay december 3
It’s All Good May 27
It’s in the Perspective August 8
It’s Your Own Fault April 1
Jump Start February 17
Lateral Mobility november 10
Leadership Crisis november 15
Live from the Underground April 11
Lobbying for a Special Interest January 20
Long Time No See February 21
Medieval Health Hectoring June 6
Mega Fauna June 21
More Joy in the Workplace February 3
My Sunshine April 30
Never Mind the Legacy August 10
No One Knows May 8
Not Standing on Ceremony February 25
Not to Split Hairs February 12
Not Your Ratty Ol’ Photocopy May 26
Of Rings and Ringtones december 29
Oh, Pshaw! February 1
On the Bright Side october 24
One for One november 17
One Way or Another March 28
Openlympics January 30
Out Schmoozing January 27
Parade of Life July 15
Pizza Bacon Cheeseburger, Anyone? April 11
Pah-Rump-Or-Dump november 29
Perhaps I Dream august 12
Raising a You-Know-What March 11
Reboot of the Reboot June 1
Room and Board April 29
Salad Days July 10
Secret Orders May 11
Self-Confidence Is Key March 7
Since You Ask november 1
Skip Ad April 22
Smarter Than Average July 30
Soar Subject March 11
So Much to Be Thankful For december 26
Stick and Carrot January 7
That Look december 12
That Twilight Zone Conundrum May 11
The Constant Presence august 17
The Old Dog February 8
The Soul-Matiest January 16
The Stars Don’t Lie november 30
The Waiting Room April 3
The Yellow Leaf May 15
There Must Be an Answer august 19
Things Not What They Seem February 17
Thought Extinct June 26
Tipperary February 20
Top of His Game January 2
Upgraded Intelligence July 26
Uncensored november 3
Un-Familied november 26
Vermiculture July 13
Watch the Birdie december 15
What I’m Sayin’ July 1
What’s the Secret? august 29
When Neighbors Looked Out May 24
Where the Arts Are Always Funded May 23
You Get Out What You Put In May 4
You Were Temptation May 20