Archive O’ Contents 2018




A Friendly Smile and a Firm Handshake April 4
A Pair of Ragged Claws March 3
A Refined Palate June 18
A Touch of Bedevilment March 2
Adaptive Camouflage March 25
Added Incentive June 23
Agent Seeks Client January 31
Alien Life Form August 7
Alone with One’s Thoughts January 21 
American Gothic February 15
American Noir April 29
Auguring Iffy August 4
Bargain Booth May 24
Be a Mixer January 18
Beshrew Thee January 21
Best Man for the Job January 27
Boy Wonder Wanted June 2
Building on the Past February 24
Buzz Word June 15
Character Will Tell June 28
Check It Out April 9
Croatoan August 1
Cultural Shift February 28
Cutting a Figure February 6
Electric Bitters July 24
Every Dog Has His Day August 4
Eyes on You March 18
Free World, Take One May 9
Ganging Agley March 28
Get It in Ink April 25
Getting in on the Corpse Flower Racket June 12
How May I Help You? April 18
How’s the Look January 26
It’s All Good May 27
It’s in the Perspective August 8
It’s Your Own Fault April 1
Jump Start February 17
Live from the Underground April 11
Lobbying for a Special Interest January 20
Long Time No See February 21
Medieval Health Hectoring June 6
Mega Fauna June 21
More Joy in the Workplace February 3
My Sunshine April 30
Never Mind the Legacy August 10
No One Knows May 8
Not Standing on Ceremony February 25
Not to Split Hairs February 12
Not Your Ratty Ol’ Photocopy May 26
Oh, Pshaw! February 1
One Way or Another March 28
Openlympics January 30
Out Schmoozing January 27
Parade of Life July 15
Pizza Bacon Cheeseburger, Anyone? April 11
Raising a You-Know-What March 11
Reboot of the Reboot June 1
Room and Board April 29
Salad Days July 10
Secret Orders May 11
Self-Confidence Is Key March 7
Skip Ad April 22
Smarter Than Average July 30
Soar Subject March 11
Stick and Carrot January 7
That Twilight Zone Conundrum May 11
The Old Dog February 8
The Soul-Matiest January 16
The Waiting Room April 3
The Yellow Leaf May 15
Things Not What They Seem February 17
Though Extinct June 26
Tipperary February 20
Top of His Game January 2
Upgraded Intelligence July 26
Vermiculture July 13
What I’m Sayin’ July 1
When Neighbors Looked Out May 24
Where the Arts Are Always Funded May 23
You Get Out What You Put In May 4
You Were Temptation May 20