Table O’ Contents

Moggie Malloy

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Gathering Clouds

Off-Ramp on 86

Every Voice

Advanced Civilization

Integrated Neighborhoods

That Hunted Feeling

Master of the ‘Ganda-verse


Shethinks Him Full of Malarkey

Night Visitors


Contemplating Nature

Errand Day

Rights and Privileges

Now Treading Boards

Sing Me No Sad Song

Sharp As a Tack

Spoiled for Choice

The Over-Influenced Generation

The Interloper

Dollars and Scents

Death Takes a Fall a Day

The Exchange Student

Bungalow Energy

Woof Belief in Yourself…

Looking at Books

Daily Entanglements

Snowman Is Above the Law

Lost and Scrounge

My Darling Clemency

Til We Tweet Again

Arcana Stand the Suspense

Useful Humans

Get ‘Em Simmered Down

Why Should There Be Trouble?

Fill Me In

In the Blink of an Eye

The Wraith-Hanging Season

Sum of the Parts

Plane Mystifying

Party Line

Keep It in the Spirit

Passage of Thyme

Who’s Your Lil Buddy?

Merry Little

Not Right Now

Up and Away

Cheep at Any Price

Puzzle This One

Impactful News

Unsounding Board

Special Dispatch

Act Like You’ve Got the Job


Can’t Deny the Groove

So…No Chitchat?

Friendly Differences

City Plots

What’s Fun These Days?


Ten Percent Inspiration

The Corn Belt Beat

Long Story Short

The Ghouls of Little Monsterington

Village Charm

Hey There, Lonely Ghoul

The Prisoner in the Pit

Reaching Out to a Stranger

A Hand Up

Just Passing Through

Abridged Edition

Taking the Long Way

Taken into Custody

The Duties of Friendship

A Ghoul Is Born

Like a Box of Chocolates

Time Marches On

Wooden Stakes Are for Vampires

Heredity is Destiny

Blame First, Then Action

A Demotic Inclination

Necessary Concessions

Dealing from a Weak Position

Complaint Department

Escape from Grudgerton

On Madame Turbinot’s Yacht

Sea-Level Negotiations

A Day Late and a Magic Bean Short

Nothing But Blue Skies

A Little Saturation

One Day You’ll Come Crawling

A Drop of Advice

For Whom the Grudge Tolls

Linnet and the Beast

He Wasn’t Born Big and Bad

If It Sounds Nice

Far Afield

Travel Is Broadening

I Hear Music

Just Duet

Demon Curious

Dynamo Brothers

The story begins

The story continues


Time for a Counter-Strategy

C of M HQ

More Malevolence

Making Plans

Objectives Gel

The Leader’s Analyst

The Visigoth Comes Aboard

An Intruder

Tad Attacks


The Assault is Launched

A Safe Ear

Devil’s Logic

Honky-Tonk Blues




Disco Fever

A Little Background

Possum Gossip

Taking a Bead


A Re-stabilizing Campaign

More Confrontations

In Speaking of the Culture

Give Pucks a Chance

How’d We Get Like This?

Again, the Scenic Overlook

Commando Kittens

The Cartel Strikes

A Timely Word

Heat’s On!

Off Like Clockwork

Push Comes to Shove

Little Visitors

Got by the Bot

It Don’t Take High Tech

At Brutalitec Arena

The Straight Dope and the Fake Dope

One Size Fits Barbie

Just a Fall Drive, That’s All

Probing the Cracks

Until the Lights Go Out

Reeled Back In

Global Concerns

Bad Moon Rising

Would a New Kitty Help?

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

All Hell Roped Back In

If It’s Broken, Fix It…Hmm…

Exploring Options

First Things First

It’s Staring You in the Face

A Life of Service


Off, Off Broadway

Musical Interlude

Inquiring Minds

Young Ironwood


Why Be Unpleasant

Sackcloth and Ashes for Nothing

You Have Been Warned

The Dissatisfactions of Sheer Obedience

Procession Day

No Fooling

Bless This Dust

Power Outage

Ask Me No Questions

The Sharp End of the Stick

Climb Every Mountain

Howl Odd

Sotto la Luna

The House of Spooky Annoyances

Menace Aforethought

Sooner or Later

Busy Work

Change in the Air

Let’s Talk About Love

Ship of Fools

The Curtain Falls

If You’re Not Watching Every Minute

I Will Survive

Always a Toe to Be Stepped On

Fast-Talking Stranger

Fangs for Nothing

Ancestral Ties

Audition Jitters

Midnight Train

The Place Down the Road

Find Us on Ghoul-gle

Hard to Ignore


Alien Eyes

Can They Be Stopped?

Et Tu, Darling?

You Make Us Better

The Secret Is to Keep Busy

You’ll Learn to Like It

When Last Seen

Where’s the Catch?

Outside the Action

Better Spelunk Next Time

Casting Call

Mazingville Manor

Whatever Next!

Off on the Wrong Foot!

At Sea on Land

Proceed with Caution

A Getting Acquainted Dinner

Left to Their Own Devices

Make Me a Match

Soon the Best of Friends

An Incredible Turn of Events!

Someone Must Know Something

Official Assistance